Learned a new tool
The VM that runs my personal website is nicknamed jenniferplusplus-2016 😬. It's the 2nd such VM to do this basic job, which means I've been meaning to figure out how to properly manage that resource for about 7 years 😰. Anyway, I started doing that recently. A more expert friend than I suggested Ansible for this use case, so that's what I'm going with. Of course I need (virtual) machines I can actually do things to without taking down my site or losing my data, so this journey has actually started with getting some familiarity with Hyper-V and WSL, since I use Windows as my day-to-day environment. I've spent a couple evenings doing that, and I now have a VM I can interact with through my WSL apps. Which means I think I'm ready to do the actual thing and recreate that setup with IaC tooling.